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Chicago Motor Coach – For River North and Streeterville Tours

December 28, 2015

A Chicago motor coach gives you the best transport service to reach some of the most notable spots in River North and Streeterville. This nearby borough in the Windy City is overflowing with just the best spots for tourists and locals alike. Expand your itinerary and see what is beyond the metropolis. Chartering a bus for your trip down the unbeaten path is the best decision especially if you want to travel in comfort and style.

The Chicago Motor Coach Amenities

Contemporary motor coaches or charter buses are designed with luxury and innovation inside and out. Thus, you will find remarkable features from the exterior to the interior parts of the chartered ride. Here are some of the reasons why charter motor coaches and buses are becoming favorites in the transport service sector:

On Board Restroom

Comfort is everything for long or short group tours in Chicago. Charter buses and motor coaches are designed with anon board restroom in order to make your trip convenient and hassle-free. You need not experience delays and interruption on your itinerary because there are no frequent stopovers to use public bathrooms and the likes.


Charter buses are loaded with amenities and sophisticated technologies to make your trip fun and entertaining. There are bus units that have on board plasma or flat screen television, DVD, and microphone. You can add more amenities if you need them however you need to make the request and include it in your arrangement with the bus operator.

Luggage Compartment

Charter motor coaches are spacious and comfortable especially with the additional features of separate luggage compartments and huge overheads. Passengers can stash away their huge bags and other stuffs without making the bus interiors cramped and overcrowded.

Air-conditioned Interiors

Contemporary units have fully working air conditioning systems in order to keep passengers fresh, relaxed, and comfortable at all times.

Spacious, Soft, Reclining Seats

Whether it is a short or long trip, charter buses keep passengers comfortable with their plush, large, and reclining seats. Some units have seat belts and are children-friendly so that your Chicago adventure is safe and accident-free from start to finish.

Chicago’s River North and Streeterville Must-Sees

These are some of the top venues to visit in this eccentric Chicago neighborhood:

•    Bub City
•    Berkshire Room
•    STK
•    Untitled
•    Oak + Char
•    IO Urban Roofscape
•    Mercadito Counter
•    Streeter’s Tavern
•    Stout Barrel House & Galley
•    House of Blues

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