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Chicago Charter Bus – Exploring the City’s Romantic Venues

February 11, 2016

Chicago is a city full of romantic venues. A Chicago charter bus brings you and your group to these not so popular places. Brutal winters and heated living rooms oftentimes overshadow the amorous places in the metro. Nevertheless, Chicago offers the best spots where you can go on romantic dates or group rendezvous. Chartering a bus is a remarkable mode of transportation if you want to explore the city and all its romantic venues where sparks fly and old flames rekindled.

Why choose group tours through Chicago charter bus?

Bus charter services are quite popular in today’s world. Charter buses open a world of comfortable travel no matter where in Chicago. This type of transport service is no doubt the most reliable and convenient. Here are some of the reasons that show why chartering a bus is the best option for Chicago group tours today:

•    Charter buses are safe transport service. Charter bus operators make sure their bus fleets are safe and secured. Bus charter services offer safe travel especially for much larger groups. Bus companies make sure their bus units undergo regular maintenance and inspection. Moreover, companies need to comply with the insurance requirements and certification.
•    Charter buses are convenient transport service. Charter buses are made comfortable especially for long travels. Chartering a bus allows passengers to enjoy the trip from start to completion. Contemporary units showcase a generous interior with air-conditioned features. These buses are also equipped with an on board restroom, plush and large seats, and separate luggage compartment.
•    Charter buses are economical. Chartering a bus is more affordable and cost effective. There are various bus unit rates and tour packages to choose from. Bus tour packages give you the choice to pick the ideal package that suits your available budget.  There are also units with varied rates from smaller minibuses to huge travel or sleeper buses. Most of these packages are inclusive of toll and parking fees and fuel expenses. Make sure the package does not have hidden costs and additional charges.

Exciting Romantic Group Rendezvous in Chicago

Group trips take a more amorous and quixotic detour when you visit Chicago’s beautiful spots such as the following:

•    Garfield Park Conservatory
•    Buckingham Fountain
•    Promontory Point
•    Chicago Theatre
•    The Signature Room
•    Chicago Athletic Association
•    Harold Washington Library Winter Garden
•    Geja’s Café
•    Lincoln Park Zoo
•    Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

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