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Chicago Bus Rental – For Group Getaways and Summer Festivals

February 8, 2016

A Chicago bus rental service is the perfect solution for a summer getaway in the city. Enjoy the Windy City and discover its beaches to cool off. Bring the entire gang to relax, play some beach volleyball or hit Chicago’s famous restaurants. Booking a charter bus ought to be your first to-do list. Making sure your summer trip to Chicago is the best one starts with finding the best transport service for group adventures.

Chicago Bus Rental Must-Knows

Renting a charter bus for your Chicago adventure is easy. Nowadays, you have all the important tools and resources to start with. You can easily use the Internet for your pre-trip research. Bus operators offer fast access and communication for their target clients. Here are some of the essential things to know about Chicago’s bus charter services:

Book Ahead

Last minute deals are available but early bird perks are definitely irresistible. Book the charter bus service or tour package ahead of your scheduled date. It is advisable to make the reservation months before your Chicago getaway. Early booking allows you to choose the ideal ride with the best price rates that suit your budget. It also makes sure that your ride is reserved and available on the day of your trip.

Confirm Reservation

Different bus operators have their terms and conditions in booking and reservation. Some bus operators require full payment of the bus service or tour package before reservation is confirmed. There may be some companies that allow initial deposit that is usually 25% of the total tour price. Confirm your reservation options before finalizing your decision.

Compare Prices

Bus operators offer different bus rates and tour package prices. Thus, it is best to shop and compare bus unit and tour package prices before getting one. Choose the best deals that are affordable but still offer high quality charter bus fleets and complete tour packages.

About Cancellation and Refund

Know and understand the cancellation and refund policies of the bus company. It is essential to know their terms and conditions in case you decide to cancel the trip the last minute. Check if they will refund your deposit or full payment as well as penalty charges.

Top Picks for Chicago Beaches

Enjoy the beaches in Chicago on your summer festival getaway:

•    Calumet Beach
•    Fargo Beach
•    Foster Avenue Beach
•    Jarvis Beach
•    Howard Beach
•    Hartigan Beach
•    Leone Beach

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