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Chicago Bus Rental – Exploring the Latest Shops on the Block

December 24, 2015

With a Chicago bus rental service, exploring the Windy City is hassle-free, even with a larger group to tag along with. Charter buses change the way you look at group tours ever again, especially if you have your shopping list as part of your must-do itinerary. There are numerous new shops and centers that opened in the metropolis. Get the shopping vibe starting and enjoy retail therapy with everyone on board for a shopping spree.

Things to Know about Chicago Bus Rental

From vintage items to books to beauty supplies, Chicago offers endless shopping possibilities for tourists and locals alike. Group trips make a remarkable shopping detour on board the best charter buses available in the industry today. Before you enjoy your shopping rendezvous in the Windy City, check out some of the most important things you need to know and understand about chartering a bus:

•    Compare. There are slew of bus operators in the transportation industry right now. Choosing the right bus charter service starts with finding the most reputable service provider. Compare different bus operators and choose the one that offers the best features and services along with pricing that suits your budget.
•    Book.In booking the charter bus unit for your Chicago group tour, make sure you provide everything including your itinerary, contact details, and scheduled tour. Do not however give your credit card information unless you are 101% sure of the credibility of the bus operator you are dealing with.
•    Payment. The trend in today’s bus charter industry is to pay in full before your reservation is confirmed. There are bus operators that may still consider initial, partial deposit for the reservation, that’s why you need to discuss this with the operator before making any final decisions.
•    Cancellation.In order to make your transaction hassle-proof, discuss the cancellation policy with the bus operator. Know if they have penalty in cases when you need to cancel the tour. Make sure you also discuss about refund policies if there are any and how you can avail the refund if possible.

Chicago’s Newest Shops Opened

Splurge into the best retail therapy adventure in Chicago and visit the following new shops during your tour:

•    Interior Define
•    RH Chicago
•    Margaret O’Leary
•    Ulta Wicker Park
•    Flight 001
•    La Perla
•    Lilly Pulitzer Oakbrook
•    Vineyard Vines
•    Frank & Oak
•    West Town Re-Up
•    Lole Atelier
•    Madison Hall
•    Urban Outfitters – Gold Coast
•    Mackenzie-Childs
•    Bucket Feet Bucktown

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