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2 Important Features a Chicago Motor Coach Should Be Able to Offer

October 31, 2015

The most populous city in the state of Illinois and the third largest in the US, Chicago has made it on the most visited list as well, due to the wide range of attractions it offers. From museums, art galleries, and monuments, to festivals, parks, and other events, the city has a bit of something for people of all ages.

Organizing a trip to Chicago with your family and friends is not as difficult as you might think. You only need to have the minimum set of organizational skills and you are good to go. Your main concerns should be to find accommodation in advance, so you can benefit from early booking discounts, and to look for a form of transport that can take you anywhere you like. The most obvious choice when it comes to transportation is to rent a Chicago motor coach, because then everyone can enjoy the safety and comfort of the bus, without having to use public means of transport. This way you can't get lost from the group, you can't miss the connection, and so on.

Some of the more popular and impressive attractions in Chicago you should definitely visit include the Sears Tower, the Magnificent Mile, the Navy Pier, the Millennium Park, Chicago River, John Hancock Center, the Chicago Water Tower, Buckingham Fountain, Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, and many more. The only way you are going to be able to visit all the above mentioned attractions and the city surroundings, is if you rent a Chicago motor coach from a professional bus company. Here is what you need to look for when hiring a motor coach company:


Studies have shown that traveling by bus is actually safer than flying. Even driving your own car has proven to be 46 times more dangerous than riding a bus. When you are looking for a motor coach company, you should also check their safety ratings on the Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration website.

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